Rotary District 7620 Documents

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District 7620 Tactical Plan for 1213.docx21 KB10/08/12 at 10:36 AM
District Bylaws approved April 2011.doc67 KB10/11/11 at 06:17 AM
newsletters.htm5 KB04/23/11 at 08:40 PM
DG_Bette_Newsletter_9.pdf225 KB04/23/11 at 08:40 PM
DG_Bette_Newsletter_8.pdf319 KB04/23/11 at 08:40 PM
DG_Bette_Newsletter_7.pdf291 KB04/23/11 at 08:40 PM
DG_Bette_Newsletter_6.pdf214 KB04/23/11 at 08:39 PM
DG_Bette_Newsletter_5.pdf596 KB04/23/11 at 08:39 PM
DG_Bette_Newsletter_4.pdf130 KB04/23/11 at 08:39 PM
DG_Bette_Newsletter_3.pdf496 KB04/23/11 at 08:39 PM
DG_Bette_Newsletter_2.pdf446 KB04/23/11 at 08:39 PM
DG_Bette_Newsletter_1.pdf409 KB04/23/11 at 08:38 PM
DISTDIR10-11 9-9-10.pdf389 KB09/12/10 at 09:55 PM
2010-11 Budget Revised 3-19-20.pdf13 KB07/21/10 at 09:39 AM
2010 District Assembly Announcement.pdf90 KB03/25/10 at 09:43 AM
District 7620 District Assembly--registration form.doc23 KB03/24/10 at 06:49 AM
2010 Nigeria IPD Program and Itinerary.pdf235 KB03/09/10 at 09:28 AM
P_L Jan 10.pdf27 KB02/21/10 at 05:21 PM
P_L Dec 09.pdf27 KB01/23/10 at 08:26 PM
2010 Valentines Dance Flyer.PDF162 KB01/13/10 at 10:15 PM
P_L Nov 09.pdf25 KB12/11/09 at 08:38 PM
Balance Sheet Nov 09.pdf16 KB12/11/09 at 08:37 PM
P_L Oct 09.pdf25 KB11/17/09 at 02:16 PM
P_L Sept 09.pdf24 KB10/13/09 at 10:59 AM
Balance Sheet Sept 09.pdf16 KB10/13/09 at 10:58 AM
RYLA 2010 Delegate.pdf68 KB10/11/09 at 01:12 PM
RYLA 2010 Sponsor.pdf28 KB10/11/09 at 01:11 PM
RYLA 2010 Basics.pdf149 KB10/11/09 at 01:11 PM
Governors Citation Award_2009-2010_Checklist.pdf77 KB09/08/09 at 09:24 PM
Governors Citation Award_2009-2010.pdf79 KB09/08/09 at 09:24 PM
Gettysburg Article Washington Examiner.pdf645 KB09/06/09 at 09:34 PM
DG Visits by Date.pdf88 KB09/06/09 at 09:28 PM
DG Visits by Club.pdf88 KB09/06/09 at 09:27 PM
Sept. Membership Seminar flier.pdf236 KB09/05/09 at 07:24 PM
THE DICTIONARY PROJECT 2009-10.pdf131 KB09/02/09 at 08:08 PM
Invitation to the Super Summit.pdf129 KB08/25/09 at 07:00 PM
Rotary Walk to the Whitehouse6.pdf29 KB08/24/09 at 09:33 PM
District 7620 3rd Party Expense Disbursement Form.pdf26 KB08/19/09 at 05:57 PM
District 7620 3rd Party Expense Disbursement Form.doc26 KB08/19/09 at 05:57 PM
Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs_09-10.pdf166 KB08/10/09 at 06:25 PM
Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs_09-10.doc192 KB08/10/09 at 06:25 PM
Membership Club Goal Report Form_09-10.pdf9 KB08/10/09 at 06:25 PM
Membership Club Goal Report Form_09-10.doc23 KB08/10/09 at 06:25 PM
Club Foundation Goal Form 09-10 writable.pdf71 KB08/10/09 at 06:24 PM
Club Foundation Goal Form 09-10 writable.doc602 KB08/10/09 at 06:24 PM
District 7620 Bylaws final 2009.pdf104 KB08/02/09 at 07:49 PM
2009-2010 Leadership Team_7620_Directory.pdf161 KB07/25/09 at 04:08 PM
2009-10 Budget.pdf21 KB07/25/09 at 02:47 PM
Budget Explanation for 2009-10.pdf21 KB07/22/09 at 07:58 PM
DisCon2010 Flyer 022009.pdf659 KB07/13/09 at 11:32 PM
District 7620 Strategic Plan 08 - 10.pdf17 KB07/06/09 at 10:27 AM
District 7620 Strategic Goals 2009 - 2010.pdf27 KB07/06/09 at 10:27 AM
District 7620 Leadership Plan 2009.pdf42 KB07/06/09 at 10:26 AM
District 7620 Foundation Goals 2009 - 2010.pdf26 KB07/06/09 at 10:26 AM
District 7620 Bylaws Revised May 2009.pdf50 KB07/06/09 at 10:24 AM
DISTDIRY08-09f.pdf379 KB02/05/09 at 08:22 PM
2008-2009_Conference_Brochure-2.pdf3 MB02/03/09 at 12:45 PM
Baltimore-2 Registration Form.pdf77 KB01/06/09 at 07:28 PM
Baltimore-1Conf_Mar09_Flyer.pdf56 KB01/06/09 at 07:28 PM
Dictionary Grant Application (PDF).pdf57 KB09/29/08 at 10:46 AM
Dictionary Grant Application (MSWord).doc71 KB09/29/08 at 10:46 AM
Rotary_-_Greece_-_GSE_Leader.pdf3 MB09/25/08 at 10:02 PM
2008-2009_Conference_Brochure-1.pdf3 MB09/25/08 at 10:01 PM
districtbylaws2008.pdf197 KB09/25/08 at 09:10 PM
DISTDIRY08-09e.pdf508 KB09/21/08 at 07:53 PM
ElkridgeGolf08.pdf56 KB09/09/08 at 07:17 AM
chili-poster-flyer-11.pdf291 KB09/09/08 at 07:17 AM
District Events
Exec Sec Sonia Liu
11800 Old Georgetown Road
Ste 1304
N. Bethesda, MD 20852-2648
Open Hours for Calls: 9am to 2pm
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

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