Dear District 7620 Rotary Club Presidents and Club Rotary Foundation and Grants sub-committee members:

As people of action, Rotary members want to find ways to respond to COVID-19, which is now a global pandemic, and to help people affected by it.

 Rotary District 7620 DDF-SHARE Funds for 20-21 through The Rotary Foundation will offer several options that Rotarians can use to help care for and protect people in their own communities and others around the world.

 The Foundation will allow expenses related to COVID-19 that were incurred since  March 15, 2020 to be reimbursed through 2020-21 district grants.


ELIGIBILITY TO APPLY – Applying for a COVID-19 District Grant ONLY.

  • A club does not need to have a current club member average per capita of $120.
  • A dollar for dollar DDF match not to exceed $5,000 per club.
  • Return the Foundation Grant Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with two Club signatures provided to President-Elects at C-PETS by DRFC Rich Glover.
  • Grants submissions are only acceptable electronically via the
  • Grants Module in DACdb.
  • Write your grants to support local activities, like purchasing thermometers, protective medical gears, or other items to donate to medical professionals who need them.  Remember, be articulate in your submission justifying your areas Impactful and Measurable.
  • Club with approved grants will receive 50% of their grant money upon review and approval of their project; the remaining 50% will be paid upon the completion of all DACdb Grant Module Final Report requirements of the project.


Other ways to contribute to the COVID-19 Disaster Response.

1. Disaster Aid USA https://disasteraidusa.org/ . Members of the Board including District 7620 members PDG Bob Grill, PP Paul Mahata and AG Dr. Bill DeBoyce are available for any questions. They are accepting online contributions. However, if submitted through the DACdb Grant module noting for Disaster Aid USA , District DDF 7620 20-21 DDF will match dollar to dollar.

2. Disaster response grants and the Rotary Disaster Response Fund: The Rotary Disaster Response Fund  is here to help the districts around the world respond to disasters. Districts may designate their DDF contributions to the Disaster Response Fund to be used exclusively for COVID-19 grant activities. Cash contributions will be used for general disaster response, including response to COVID-19.

3. Global Grants: Global grants remain an excellent way to make a transformative impact in a community. If medical equipment is needed in order to respond effectively to COVID-19, global grants can help pay for these items. The Foundation is waiving the 30 percent foreign financing requirement for any new global grant that addresses COVID-19.

Please contact RI Grants staff members if you have questions. Thank you for all your work to support Rotarians who are Doing Good in the World, especially during this challenging time.

Sincerely & Yours In Rotary Service,

Rich Glover, iPDG, DRFC

Barry Thompson, Chairman, Grants Committee

(301) 980-497


District 7620 Grant Guidelines for Rotary Year 2020-2021

       Same as 2019-20 (scroll it down) with the following important changes:

  • The window for grant applications submission to D7620 for Rotary Year 2020-2021 is March 1, 2020 – May 31, 2020; grant application submissions received after that date are unlikely to be funded
  • Beginning 2020-2021, grants applications submission are only acceptable electronically via DACdb Grants Module
  • The Club President and Club Foundation Chair (during the year the grant is approved) (or a designated appointee, who will be involved with the management of the grant) must attend grant management and qualification training arranged by the District and maintain a trained member for the term of the grant.
  • The awarded club must have Annual Share per capita giving of at least $120
  • Club with approved grants will receive 50% of their grant money upon review and approval of the project; the remaining 50% will be paid upon the completion of all report requirements of the project.


Please click here to find of MOU (memorandum of understanding) for
Rotary Year 2020-2021.


Last Update: January 13, 2020                             

Richard B. Glover, PDG

District 7620 DRFC 2019-2022


Any questions regarding grants, please feel free to contact:

Dr. Barry Thompson, MD                              Rich Glover

D7620 Grants Chair                                        PDG & D7620 Rotary Foundation Chair

Email: bht1113@aol.com                               Email: 18.19.dg7620@glovercrew.net

Cell #: 301-922-1810                                       Cell #: 301-980-4976


Any technical questions regarding Grants Module, please contact:

Sonia Liu                                            or         DACdb Support

D7620 Executive Secretary                          Email: support@dacdb.com

Email: sonia@rotary7620.org                      Tel #: 720-504-7300

Cell #: 240-480-5800


A quick start process steps in DACdb Grants Module:

Login to DACdb ---> select My Club (at the top bar) ---> click icon Club Grants ---> Grants Navigation (on the left) ---> select Admin then click Club Signature (please add at least one signature) ---> go to Club Grant View (on the left under Grant Navigation) ---> New Club Grant Request - Click Here to Create Grant


District 7620 Grant Guidelines for Rotary Year 2019-2020

  • Club’s Annual Share per capita giving must be at least $100
  • 2 MOU certified individuals in the Club
  • Matching dollar request (e.g. If asking for $1,000 from D7620, the Club and its partners must provide at least $1,000)
  • First round of approved DDF grant requests may be matched up to $10,000.  Clubs could submit more than one grants application.  However, the total matching up DDF is no more than $10,000.
  • In the event that funds are still available after the first found deadline of approved matching grants, clubs may make additional grant match requests.  However, the total request per club may not exceed 20% of the total District Matching Grant Budget $94, 200 which is $18,840.
  • Grant must be approved by D7620 prior to beginning the project
  • The window for grant applications submission to D7620 for Rotary Year 2019-2020 is May 15, 2019 through September 15, 2019; grant application submissions received after that date are unlikely to be funded
  • Clubs with approved grants will receive 50% of their grant money as soon as D7620 receives its 2019-2020 DDF monies from Rotary International
  • Assuming the project meets agreed on project milestones, D7620 will pay an additional 25% at the project halfway point
  • D7620 will pay the remaining 25% of the grant upon approval by the D7620 Grants Committee upon receipt of the Final Report along with receipts that must be submitted by June 15, 2020
  • No single grant request may exceed 20% of the total DDF money available for Rotary Year 2019-2020


Click on the following links for more info:

  1. Terms & Conditions for Rotary Foundation Grants - District & Global
  2. Beginning Your Application for District Grant Funds
  3. District Grant Application Form 2019-20 (word)
  4. Preparing Project Narrative, Budget, Letter(s) of Participation and Letter(s) of Endorsement for a District Grant
  5. District Grant Final Report Form
  6. Beginning Your Application for Global Grant Funds


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