CART: Coins for Alzheimer's Research Trust  - www.cartfund.org

CART (Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust) is alive and well in District 7620!

 Do you have a personal story about Alzheimer’s disease? Many of us do.  Can you imagine if each of our Clubs in District 7620 had an Alzheimer’s disease research advocate and who helped Rotary make possible research towards a future without Alzheimer’s?

 In 2020, The CART Fund, a Rotary initiative, is again granting $1,000,000 to researchers for innovative research into Alzheimer’s, what causes it, how it can be diagnosed, what can stop its progression, and even possibly prevent it.  Click here to see the 2020 CART Grants.

Your Club can sponsor many possible ways to help make Alzheimer’s a thing of the past.  Any Club member can be your Club’s CART point person, to support your initiatives and to handle making tax free deposits. Clubs actions can include little blue buckets for collecting change at your meetings, drives and campaigns, AD awareness activities and fund raisers, raffles, and more!

CART now has an online portal and all donations will be via this new process.  Go to http://www.mycartfund.org:

·         Log in, using your DACdb User Name and Password (Club ID not required)

·         Click Sign-in (Current User) - the dark blue button  

·         You're in!


Some other information to share with you:

2020 CART Grants

D7620 CART Brochure ~

CART - Fast Facts ~ June 2018

Alzheimer's in the US - 2018


Ask your Assistant Governor or Bob Bokma, District 7620 CART Chair (bobbokma@gmail.com; cell # 301-509-1719) to learn more!

~ updated on May 14, 2020


Dare To Dream - www.daretodreamfilm.com

The Rotary District 7620 Project Trust Fund intends to own and produce a broadcast-ready documentary about the Rotary leaders who had the courage and vision to believe that Rotary could eradicate the wild-polio virus from the entire world. We are looking for strategic partners in the production of a documentary about these little known heroes who have already changed our world for the better in ways that most people today can’t imagine.


Disaster AID USA - www.disasteraidusa.org

DA USA is a Rotarian Operated Project. We provide shelter, clean water systems, tools, mosquito nets and other items to survivors of disasters.  DAUSA also partners with others to provide water filtration projects wherever needed.  We vow to be completely transparent and welcome inquiries about how we use donations. We are partnered with Disaster Aid Australia, and Disaster Aid UK and Ireland.


Melwood -The Melwood Vehicle Donation partnership with Rotary District 7620 is Great news for Club Fundraising.

Starting now, your club has access to a no-cost fundraising platform in the Melwood Vehicle Donation program.  Melwood handles the program advertising, the vehicle pick up and towing, the sale at auction and provides the donor with the IRS receipt for their tax deduction.

We will the split the proceeds of the sale at auction:  35% to Melwood, 65% to the District. From the District portion 40% goes to The Rotary Foundation annual fund and Polio-Plus and 60% to the Rotary club identified by the vehicle donor.   What does this mean in dollars and cents?

Click here to download a printable flyer.

Melwood has set up a website:  http://goo.gl/dL3Pji   and a toll free number to call in for donations 1-844-686-7620.  All you need to do is let everyone know about this great opportunity to help Rotary “Be a Gift to the World” through their donations.  Should a vehicle be donated by a Rotarian, they would be able to earn Paul Harris Points on the Club share amount of their donation.  All Club share funds must be used for charitable projects and reported to the District Melwood Vehicle Donation chair Earl Copus.  ECopus@live.com  240-603-0617.


The Dictionary Project - Giving local elementary 3rd grade students with a Dictionary each year. 

Click here for a printable instructions.




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