Letter from Dr. Geetha Jayaram, DGE 2020-2021


The Learning Matrix for District 7620 leaders for 2021-22


Dear Presidents Elect, President Nominees and Area Governors,

Our District Education committee has put together an education plan for our Pre President Elect Training program that will be all virtual (pre PETS). Much time and planning has gone into the selection, review and time allocated to each module.

We have posted the levels of learning necessary for each of your positions on the site, with direct links to the Learning Center on the Rotary International website.

The objective is to provide ease of access, flexibility in learning and self- scheduling to finish your required modules. Once done, you will generate a certificate of learning. Please download the certificate and keep it. We expect all of you to have done your learning before the end of the first week in January as the discussion groups and breakout rooms for interactive virtual learning will be scheduled for the 23rd of January.

We will also be able to generate a report from the back end of the learning center on Club Central that will indicate what progress you have made. We require 100% completion for you to be certified.

Our District Education committee consisting of District Trainer Ayse Orellana, Co -Trainer Chris Zabriskie worked with me to develop the learning matrix.

Pam Kreis will assist our Trainers as she has trained our district leaders in years before.

Area Governor Barbara Thompson and Past Presidents Dave Vogel and Karen Blake have assisted in the choice of modules that are necessary and critical for your learning. Past President Daniel Fischer has ably assisted us in conducting surveys to elicit topics of importance to all of you.

I thank you all in advance for helping me generate an exciting, eventful and productive year.


Yours in Rotary Service,


Geetha Jayaram

DGE 2020-2021


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