Recent Training Handouts

08/22/2020 Virtual Club Leadership Training and AG Training

CLT General Session: Terry Weaver (see Video)
6 Breakout Sessions with the following facilitators:
  • Stretegic Planning: Chris Zabriskie (didn't get recorded)
  • Public Image / Public Relations: Ashley Waters (see Video)
  • Treasurer Training: Jeff Neufeld (see Video)
  • Growing Membership: Jennifer Coppit (see Video)
  • DACdb Training: Sonia Liu (see Video)
  • Rotary Youth Programs: Monique Toussaint, Marilyn Nevy Cruz and Ric Meyer. (see Video)

CLT Closing Remarks (see Video)


09/14/2019 Membership Summit 2019 - Howard Community College

D7620 Growing Our Membership: A Step by Step Approach / Quentin Wodon, Membership Chair


Membership White Paper - New Rules, New Opportunities for Growth: Membership Fun Game


Darrell Nevin Guide - Booklet  revised for September 16, 2013



04/13/2019 Club Leadership Training - Goucher College

Strategic Planning / Barton Goldenberg, District Governor - Elect 2018-19

Presentation: Strategic Planning Session, Priorities & Objectives, Sample Rotary Mission & Vision Statements, mBR Strategic Plan Overview  


Secretary Training / Pamela Kreis, District Trainer

Presentation:  Secretaries for the Modern Age Training 


Be a Vibrant Club / Temrah Okonski, President of Ellicott City Club

Presentation:  Be a Vibrant Club, Be A Vibrant Club Overview (PPT)


Rotaract 101 / Monique Toussaint, District Rotaract Chair

Presentation: Rotaract 101


Interact & Rotaract / Marilyn Nevy Cruz, District Interact Chair

Presentation: Interact, Interact & Rotaract Sponsorship & Co-Sponsorship, Rotary Youth Exchange



02/16/19 - District 7620 Webinar:  

Rotary Foundation Basics presented by Ken Solow, District Chair of the Annual Fund and Past 7620 District Governor - Click here to watch


Rotary Club Central presented by John Hannes, RI Senior Officer / Club and District Support:

Rotary Central 2.0 - How to

A brief “How To” guide that navigates the various functions of RC Central, entering data, etc.

Rotary Central 2.0 Worksheet

A worksheet that lists each question in RC Central, what category it belongs to, and what type of response they’ll record (numeric, monetary, per capita, etc.). The only goals that aren’t included in this guide are those for the upcoming Rotary Citation – each club would have received (at pre-PETS) or will receive the pamphlet that announces the President’s Theme and Rotary Citation Goals for the 2019-2020 Rotary Year. It’s important to note that this worksheet is meant to be a scratch-pad for club leaders, and that Rotary staff will not be collecting this document. We’d advise that the district have the same mind-set, to remind clubs that they’re responsible for entering and tracking their data in RC Central.

Rotary Central Key Contact - Club & District Support (CDS)

A contact information sheet that lists their information.


10/1/18 - DACdb Online Training Session - Click here to watch


PETS 2 February 3, 2018 Video on  District Foundation Grants  Click here to watch.

Click here to download the online presentation slides.


4-Way Test Speech Contest Information Video and How to Participate - in mp4 video held by Go-To-Meeting on 11/7/16 by Matt May and Mike Phennicie.


Club Leadership Training - April 30, 2016

          Patsy Etzell - The Formula for Success

                     The Formula for Success Presentation

                      Rotary Peace Fellowship Overview





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