Day of Service Food Drive

Friday, August 27, 2021 By: Linda W. Lymas

Please see the below comments from Linda Lymas, Assistant Governor for Southern MD, Area 12, regarding their area food drive.

The food drive was set up in front of a local grocery store. The morning of Saturday August 21 was a beautiful day in Southern Maryland. It was a perfect opportunity for caring, sharing and greeting the happy shoppers who entered and exited the McKay’s Grocery Store in California, MD. Thanks to the wonderful people and dedicated group of volunteers, we exceeded goals in all areas: donations, service hours and volunteers.

The food drive started around 9:00am and ended at 1:00 pm, including time for set up and closing. Our goal was to have at least eight volunteers but was delighted to have 14 volunteers helping to ensure the service activity was a success. Total service hours for group numbered 50.5 hours.

Food items and funds were donated to Feed St. Mary’s Food Bank in St.Mary’s County for distribution to local pantries and soup kitchens. Southern Maryland Rotarians collected $500.00 in cash donations and approximately 450 pounds of food.

There were three guest participants, a future Rotarian, the food bank manager, and a food bank volunteer. There was an opportunity for Rotary members to show donors how to use the QR code to get to the Rotary website. The group distributed post cards with Rotary information. Other clubs involved were Bonds Meadow, Westminster, Howard West.

Overall, we made a difference and changed lives in a very short time period.

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Rockville Rotary Built a Butterfly and Pollinator Garden in Lucy V. Barnsley Elementary

Thank you Rockville Rotarians Todd Franken, Edco Bailey, Cecilia Bailey, Ozlem Inci-Richardson, Irina Lujan, Eliseo Lujan and Jim Gilchrist for building Rockville Rotary's first butterfly and pollinator garden today in Lucy V. Barnsley Elementary School.

The butterfly and pollinator gardens in Rockville schools will help support monarch butterfly populations during their migration, support pollinators in our area which are vital for the whole ecosystem, will provide educational opportunities for the students and teachers in the schools and will help us raise awareness within a wider community.

Thank you People of Action!

Rockville Rotary Celebrated World Environment Day by Stream Cleanup of Upper Watts Branch WB03

We had a great day today out in the nature on June 6th, cleaning WB03 segment of Watts Branch as a team of twelve. Thank you Rockville Rotarians and family members; Stephen, Frances,  Marty, Hande, Ozlem, Ozlem's husband Alan, Todd and his family Galina, Evander, Sophia and Alexander and our new prospective member Chuck, for making this day a success!

We found more trash than we thought we would find. We went out of our way sometimes to be able to reach that one plastic bottle hiding under the rocks in the stream. In many instances we needed to work as a team and get our problem solving skills into action. Chuck, as a certified Weed Warrior leader,  gave us a lot of good information on the invasive species and we felt wonderful to be contributing to the health of the forest by moving some non native invasive vines out of some trees and moving some invasive plants and trees out.  It was a hot day elsewhere but in the woods with lots of shade and with the cool of the stream it was a pleasantly manageable temperature for us. The tools that the City of Rockville provided worked very well. The meeting point and parking were convenient. Everybody expressed cheer out of seeing each other.  Chuck gave us all native flowering plants to plant in our yards and books on invasive plants published by the National Park Service. 

We also met with our friends at Watts Branch Watershed Alliance - a 2021-2022 Rockville Rotary Foundation grant recipient organization run by volunteers, who helped us greatly in organizing this day. We worked parallel; while we were cleaning the WB3 segment, they cleaned the WB4 segment. Their section was slightly shorter and when they were finished, they crossed the stream and walked up to help us on the WB3 segment. Great teamwork, great collaboration!

It was a great day for us all! We are looking forward to the next event.  Our goal is to join the "Adopt-a-Stream" program of the City of Rockville by adopting the WB3 segment of the Watts Branch, which will entail organizing two stream cleanups per year; one in spring and one in fall. 

Another great service on our record for our community. Well done Rockville Rotary!


Upcoming Monthly Service Days – Third Saturday’s

August  – Food Drive
September  – Watershed/Community Clean Up
October – Polio Awareness Event / Food Drive on local Recreational and High School Sports Fields
November – Partnership with YMCA of MD and Toys for Tots for a Food / Coat / Toy drive for holiday giving
December – Partnership with American Red Cross /Blood Drive


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